There are different moving truck sizes and you must choose the right one for you

Moving Truck Sizes: How to Choose the Right One

Have you decided to rent a moving truck to get your stuff to your new home? Great! If not, you can read our article about things to consider when you plan to rent a moving truck. But there is one more important decision you must make: choosing between moving truck sizes. You have to decide carefully because otherwise, it can cause more than one inconvenience. Choose a truck that is too small, and you might not be able to fit your stuff. Choose one too big and not only will you spend more, but it will also be harder to control it. So, how do you know the right size? We will help you decide.

Choosing the moving truck size by room number

The easiest and fastest way to choose the truck is to decide by room number. Companies often list their trucks this way, and most people seem to choose this way. Of course, you must not forget that these are just general estimates. If you think you have more furniture in your 2 BHK than an average person in 2 BHK, get a bigger truck than generally recommended. It can also apply if your furniture pieces are rather large. Also, think about the size. Is your studio apartment unusually large? Maybe it equals a 1 BHK apartment. Or perhaps your 1 BHK is so little that it is just like a studio apartment.

Choosing the truck size by cubic feet

Do you like measuring and calculating? Then measure all your stuff, and you will have accurate numbers of the size you need. Companies usually provide the volumes of their trucks on their websites. Usually, one fully furnished room needs 150-200 cubic feet, but this is only a general estimation.

Check out this calculator that allows you to mark all the stuff you are planning to move and then gives you the size of the truck you need.

Moving truck sizes

Usually, trucks are measured in length and volume. Generally, they are classified into small, medium, and large trucks. Check out a helpful chart here.

Small trucks might be just 7 ft or 13 ft long. They include cargo vans and pickup trucks. 7 ft trucks are good for moving from studio apartments or transporting goods in one room. Of course, if you are planning to throw away lots of stuff before moving or are moving close and can make two rounds, they are also good. 10-13 ft trucks are great for small 1 BHK apartments. They usually have 400-450 cubic feet of space. Small trucks are best when you move within the same city. The general estimate is that they can handle up to 5 furniture pieces and about 100 medium moving boxes.

Medium trucks are from 14 to 17 ft and have 650‑850 cubic feet of space. You can also move longer distances with them. They are great for 1-3 bedroom apartments and small 1-2 bedroom houses: you can transport up to 10 furniture pieces and up to 250 boxes. However, grand pianos will likely not fit.

Large trucks are usually 18-24 ft. They have 900-1400 cubic feet of space, and you can move up to 450 medium boxes and lots of furniture. Large trucks are great for large apartments, such as 3-4 bedroom ones. Also, houses, but not too big. You can also move long distances, even across the state. But if your residence is extra-large and has more than four bedrooms, there are also extra-large trucks. They start from 25 ft and have up to 1600 cubic feet of space.

In conclusion

Counting and measuring everything you will move is the surest way to choose between moving truck sizes. However, it is not necessary to do that. You can use calculators and make general estimates. Most people decide on moving trucks size based on charts and do not make a mistake. Just take into account any larger furniture or whether the size of your apartment is typical. Getting a truck too small might make you make two trips. Getting one that is too large will be more expensive. Larger trucks are more difficult to control, too.

If you live in a small apartment and are moving to a place nearby, you can also go by car or rent one. It will be easier to control it rather than a moving truck. Check out what to consider when you rent a car.

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