One of the advantage of RV travel is flexibility

The Benefits of RV Travel: Why You Should Try it Now

RVs – recreational vehicles – have always been a popular way to travel in the US. And the pandemic certainly did not reduce their popularity: it only made RVs more popular! Forbes even called 2020 the year of RV travel. RVs allow people, especially families, to get out and travel with little contact but with lots of comforts. Read the advantages of traveling with RVs.

RV travel is cheaper

There are many expenses during vacations, especially if you are traveling with the whole family. Hotel, parking, plane tickets, and eating out all cost a lot. Traveling with RVs saves a lot of money in comparison: it was proven by studies. While you still have to pay for insurance, fuel, and RV park fees, the costs are usually lower compared to other types of travel.

RV rent cost depends a lot on its type. Old travel trailers can cost as little as $50 per night. On the other, new class A vehicles can cost $350-450 a night.

You have lots of flexibility

Traveling by airplane or with group tours means that you have a tight schedule you have to keep. On the other hand, when you travel with an RV, you have almost unlimited flexibility. See a place you like? You can turn there! Want to linger a bit? No problem. You can also choose whether you want to eat at RV or stop at a restaurant: RVs give you very much freedom.

You are closer to nature

While tenting might be closer to nature than RVing, RVs combine both nature and comfort. You wake up in a bed in a warm place, but when you step out, you see nature. You can stay however long you want outside and go back to the RV whenever you miss comfort.

If you want to get away from cities more, you could also try boondocking. It is RV camping with no hookups, such as water and electricity. Just remember to have permission and do not harm nature in any way. 

You can carry more stuff and have everything with you

If you rent a car for travel, the space available is super limited. You cannot bring too much stuff. You do not want it to get in your way in the car. Also, sometimes you might need to drag it from one place to another, which is also very burdensome. But when you travel in an RV, you have much more space. You also have everything within reach, from the fridge to the clothes. And you might encounter a need to get lighter or warmer clothes pretty frequently if you travel long distances. 

Also, there is always a bathroom and a kitchen nearby. You don’t have to waste time stopping for toilet breaks. And having a kitchen allows you to eat much healthier and cheaper during the trip.

RV travel is ideal for traveling with family and pets

You can travel solo with an RV, of course. But if you want to travel with your family and pets, we highly recommend renting an RV! First, RVs have a lot of space. Everyone can fit comfortably, stand up, stretch, walk around whenever they want. While one of you drives, others can play board games, cards or nap. It is especially nice when traveling with kids.

It is also easier to travel with pets. Many hotels require a pet fee or even totally ban pets. RVs allow you to bring a pet much easier. Just let the pet get used to the RV and do not leave them inside alone.

It’s safe

With the pandemic going on and the end of it, sadly, not on the horizon, people are looking for safer ways to enjoy life. And RVs can certainly offer safer travels. Even the Wall Street Journal named RVs as the safest way to travel in 2020. It is because RVs let you get away from crowded cities and have almost everything you need. Some people even self-isolate in RVs.

If you still have doubts, remember that you can try it just once. Many companies offer RVs for rent affordably. If you find that RV travel is not to your taste, you can simply forget them. If you end up loving them, you can always rent again or even buy one!

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