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Do You Need to Rent a Moving Truck? Things to Consider

Moving is often problematic and annoying. It even ranks among the top stressful life events. There is lots to do, lots of worries and lots of possible costs. You will need to consider your needs to make good decisions and save yourself some trouble. One of the most important decisions is how to do it. Could you move by yourself? Should you rent a moving truck? Or even a moving company? We will cover all these aspects and everything you need to consider, so read on to learn.

Perhaps you don’t have to rent a moving truck?

The easiest way, of course, would be to move in your own car or with your friends and family. You could also rent a car. Ask yourself several questions. First, how much stuff do you have? If you lived in a small studio and own few things, you might not even need a truck. A car could be enough. You could drive yourself or have some help from friends and family. 

Another factor is time. If you have a lot of time, you can make several trips. Also, things are much easier if you move to a place close by rather than far away and have lots of friends ready to help. 

Can you drive a moving truck?

Another aspect to consider is driving. If you rent a truck instead of a moving company – which we do not recommend because it can become very costly – you will need to drive that truck. You do not have to be a professional truck driver to drive it: just be careful and keep some things in mind: read them below. However, you can also hire drivers for your rented truck which will still be cheaper than hiring a company. And you still have more control.

But you could drive yourself or a friend that is an experienced driver could. Remember to take some time with the truck, so you feel comfortable with it. Position the side mirrors so that you see the left and right lanes. Drive carefully and make sure you have a lot of space when making a turn. 

What size of truck do you need?

It is an important aspect that you need to consider in much detail. Read more about moving truck sizes here. Moving companies take care of this issue for you but must decide on the truck size yourself when you plan to rent one. The truck cannot be too small because you will not fit all your stuff: then you will waste money. And it cannot be too large because the truck will be difficult to drive, and you will also spend more. 

Truck sizes are measured in length and how much the truck can hold in cubic feet. Small trucks are up 12 feet and are good for moving out from a studio, one room, or BHK apartments. You could fit up to 5 furniture pieces and up to 50 moving boxes. They are also best for moving within the city. Medium trucks can move stuff farther away and take more: they are great for up to 10 pieces of furniture, up to 100 boxes, and for 2-3 BHK homes. Finally, large trucks can fit up to 15 furniture pieces and 150 boxes: these vehicles are enough for 3-5 BHK rehomes. You can also drive long distances.

Check out this truck size estimator, which allows you to choose the things you plan to transport and estimate the truck based on them. 

How much will it cost?

The average price of renting a moving truck is $1,550. Short trips with a small truck might cost as little as $130, and long ones with a big truck can cost more than $3,000. Read more here. Usually, it is still less than hiring a moving company.

Also, you can save if you keep some things in mind. Unfortunately, often it is not only the price of a rental truck. You might need such things as packaging blankets: some companies might ask extra for these things. There is also likely to be mileage after which you pay for every mile. Do not forget the gas: trucks use a lot of fuel. You will have to fill it up yourself throughout the journey and before you return the vehicle. 

Insurance is also very important. Check with your insurance company whether they will cover you when you drive a rental truck. Some rental companies might also offer it. If not, consider buying additional insurance. You are not likely to be in an accident, but they do happen, so be insured.

Finally, make sure the company takes note of all the damage on a truck, so you do not get blamed for it. Many companies will note this in rental paperwork. Also, make sure that everything works, such as lights and signals. And book the truck in advance!

Hopefully, you can now make an informed decision about whether you need a moving truck. Do you have some stories with moving trucks or tips? Share in the comments!

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