Owning a Brabus is a symbol of status

Who Owns a Brabus? Ronaldo, Prince Kaybee, and Other Celebrities that Do

Brabus cars are insanely powerful and insanely expensive. Why are they so expensive? Well, they have super high quality and are very rare. So, Brabus is a symbol of status and luxury. People buy Brabus cars not only to enjoy luxury driving but also to show they can afford it. After all, Brabus cars certainly do not go unnoticed: instead, they instantly become the center of attention. No wonder that many celebrities get a Brabus. So, who owns a Brabus? Let’s find out.

Drake drove the first Brabus in North America

This famous Canadian rapper was the first person to buy, import, and drive a Brabus in North America. He owns a Brabus Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. Check out the pictures here.

It is not known what exactly Brabus upgraded, but the car boasts of a shiny Brabus logo. Currently, the market value 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe is about $54,000. But we wonder how much Drake paid Brabus! One thing is certain: the vehicle certainly was not lonely among other exclusive cars in Drake’s collection.

Regina Daniels owns a Brabus at 18

Regina Daniels is a young Nollywood actress who bought a Brabus when she was just 18 – barely old enough to drive it! And it wasn’t even her first car. The Brabus is a Mercedes G-Wagon and is said to have cost $150,000. Check it out here.  

Veteran Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham splurged

Toyin Abraham is a veteran Nollywood actress who also got a Brabus. And it is also a Brabus 800 G-Wagon. Brabus G-Wagons seem to be quite popular in Nigeria. The price of Brabus 800 G-Wagon, which is an upgraded version of AMG G63. It costs more than $424,000. See pics here.  

Prince Kaybee with Brabus Mercedes G63

Yet another African who got himself a Brabus Mercedes G63. Prince Kaybee is a South African electronic dance music DJ and producer. His estimated net worth is from $100,000 to 1,000,000. He is quite popular, having millions of views on some of his YouTube videos. But he is not the only musician that likes this brand: Brabus cars often feature in music videos and films.

Cristiano Ronaldo got a Brabus for his birthday

Finally, there is a celebrity few wouldn’t know. The Portuguese footballer is one of the highest-paid athletes in the whole world. His Brabus is one of the rarest in the world: seems like a good fit for him. Ronaldo received Brabus G-Wagon on his 35th birthday: it was gifted by his girlfriend. This vehicle is an upgraded version of the Mercedes AMG G63. But it is even better than Brabus G-Wagons acquired by African celebrities. Only ten units of this supercar were made. And one costs $875,000. 

These certainly are not the only celebrities who own a Brabus: for example, there is also Roy Rohit or Don Casanova, an Indian influencer, and Sulley Muntari, another footballer with a $900,000 Mercedes Brabus G63. Do you want to feel like a celebrity too? It can be very costly to buy and maintain a new Brabus, but you can rent it relatively affordably! Learn how much it costs to rent a Brabus.

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