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How to Rent a Car: 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Rental Car

Renting a car is great, whether you are on business trips or vacations. It’s cheaper than taxis and more comfortable than shuttle buses. But you have to find the right one so you can travel comfortably. Read to learn how to rent a car so that your trip is as smooth as possible.

Size of the car you rent

How many will be traveling, and do you have lots of luggage? If there are only three people, compact cars should do. If there are more, consider a mid-size or full-size car. You can even choose passenger vans for a large group! Some vehicles also have more luggage space than others, so take that into account too.

What about all the features?

Do you need a GPS? A child seat? Roof racks? They might all cost extra but if you need them for the trip to be comfortable, get them. Of course, you might do without them if your trip is short. But if you are planning to travel for a long time, you need to consider your comfort.

If you are traveling outside the US, like in Europe, you might even have to choose between a manual and automatic transmission. Automatic transmissions are more comfortable but also often cost more.

In what kind of place will you travel?

Are you planning to drive in a big, crowded city? Then it would be better to rent a small car to easily make maneuvers on crowded roads. But perhaps you are going off to the countryside where the roads are not so good? Consider a 4×4 vehicle. However, be careful: check with the rental company that driving on unpaved roads is okay.

If you travel to a busy city, parking might become a problem. Consider renting a parking space.

And where do you want to drop off the car?

Are you planning to make a round trip? In this case, it might be easier and cheaper to get rentals since you picking up and returning the car in the same location is quite comfortable for the company. But maybe you want to get to a particular place and leave the car there? Look for a company that allows you to do that. Also, be careful about picking up the car at the airport: since they are popular locations, the prices are often much higher.

Insurance of the car you rent and terms

Make sure there is insurance. Usually, rental companies offer insurance, which costs, of course, although not very much. If your own insurance would cover you when you are driving a rental car, you might be able to opt out of the insurance the company offers, paying less. Just do your research to be sure you do not end up with unexpected expenses! Also, when signing the rental contract, read the terms carefully. Finally, check for any damages on the car before driving off, so you do not get blamed for something you did not do later. It’s a good idea to take photos with a date as proof.

Finally, the price

Sometimes this factor will influence all the others, from size to drop-off location. You definitely need to consider your budget. Smaller, less expensive cars will obviously cost less. If you are younger than 25, a rental car will also likely cost more. So will additional drivers (although sometimes there are exceptions for spouses and domestic partners). Finally, better fill up the tank yourself, so you do not have to pay three times the amount for the company to do it.

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