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How Much Can You Earn When You Rent out a Brabus Car?

Brabus is a well-known aftermarket tuner of Mercedes cars. They often take AMG cars, which already have superb performance, and make them even better. Are you able to buy and maintain a new Brabus? Congratulations: not so many can do it! Owning a Brabus is a status symbol, and it is one reason why it is so expensive. But you might still want to make some extra money on the side with your Brabus car. How much can you earn when you rent it out and how to do it? Read on.

A business renting out Brabus cars?

Many people want to start a business and be their boss. The exotic car rental business sounds appealing. We already wrote about starting an exotic car rental business. Unfortunately, it is not among the easiest businesses to start. Although the demand is high, the supply is also very high. It can be hard to compete with long-established car rental companies.

Of course, you can make it if you research, have a good plan, and work hard. The main things in starting such a business are cars, car insurance, legal protection, and marketing. It is best to start with 3-5 vehicles. Unfortunately, banks might not want to finance your purchases if they know you plan to rent them out. You could also partner with people who already own such cars. Insurance is also hard to get and quite costly. Then, of course, you need marketing so that people learn about your business and legal protection so that no one tries to steal your cars.

But you do not have to start a business to rent out one car. You can partner with companies to list your car on their sites or apps. They usually take a commission when someone rents out your vehicle, such as 30% of your earnings. Some may also ask for a listing fee. XRental also partners with both individual people and companies to list their cars, scooters, and other properties. Our motto is allow partners to make money, and we do not rip people off in commissions. What we care about the most is providing a good experience for the customers. If you own a nice, safe, and well-functioning car, we would be happy to partner with you!

How much can you earn if you list your Brabus car for rent?

You can make more than when you rent out your average car, of course. There are pretty few Brabus cars for rent: after all, Brabus is known for its exclusivity. We collected a few examples of the prices in the article about how much it costs to rent a Brabus. In Spain, one company offers Mercedes G AMG Brabus for $700 a day, with a deposit of $3,524 (€3,000). In Dubai, you can rent a G500 Brabus for about $816. LA Exotic Car Rentals offer a Mercedes G63 Brabus for $899. One of the lowest Brabus rental prices we found is $527.69 per day in Slovakia if you rent for at least four days.

So there you have it: you can rent out your Brabus for at least $500 a day. And more if you have a good car, are in a popular location, or rent out on weekends. Usually, a lot depends on the time you rent out the vehicle. Shorter rentals are more expensive since you have to do more work by meeting people, giving keys, checking, etc. You can easily ask for $100, maybe even more, for an hour. If you rent out it for a week, you may have to decrease the daily price to maybe $300-400.

Of course, a lot depends on your car, especially how old and how rare it is. Over a month, you can make several thousand dollars, depending on how many days a month you rent out the car. You can make a nice amount of cash on the side if you rent out your Brabus. However, there are some things you must consider if you want to earn money renting out your exotic car.

What to consider if you want to rent out your car?

First, be careful about insurance, especially if you rent out by yourself. Your usual insurance might not apply if something happens when your car is in the hands of renters. Or you could call the insurance agents of your renters and ask if the insurance covers them. Also, it is best to have trackers on the vehicle. This way you know where it is or even if people accelerate too hard in your car.

Be responsive to people because it helps you get clients and good reviews. Happy renters might also recommend you to their friends or come back themselves. Also, meet people before you rent out your precious car and explain everything about it: your renters might not have a lot of experience with rare cars. And check their IDs!

A good contract will also help. After all, you want to be as safe as possible with a car like Brabus. Read more tips about renting out your car here.

This is a very helpful video to watch if you plan to rent out an exotic car

Perhaps you have some experience with renting out exotic cars or heard some stories? Share in the comments!

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