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How Much Does it Cost to Buy and Maintain a New Brabus?

Brabus is one of the largest independent tuners in the world. Brabus is famous for many things, including setting and breaking world records, such as creating the world’s fastest sedans and SUVs. Many car enthusiasts dream of owning a Brabus. Have you ever wondered how expensive it is to maintain a new Brabus if you buy one? We are going to try and answer this question. 

How much to buy a Brabus

Brabus cars cost a lot. After all, they take models that are already amazing and expensive and make them even more amazing and expensive. For example, there is the Mercedes-AMG G63, which has a base price of $167,000. It is one of the most powerful and exclusive Mercedes cars. Brabus took this model, improved its power, performance, and interior: in short, made it even better. Brabus 800 Mercedes AMG G63 costs €366,163 gross, which is about $422,634. 

Then, we can look at Brabus G V12 900, one of their latest creations. It reaches 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds which is seven times faster than G63. And it costs five times more than AMG G63: you can buy this Brabus car for around $875,000. Of course, there are some cheaper Brabus models too, especially if you look for older models or smarts. 

Want to experience how it feels to drive a Brabus affordably and commitment-free? Consider renting it! Learn how much it costs to rent a Brabus.

Mercedes and Brabus warranty 

One of the main advantages of buying a new car is that you get a warranty. It means that many problems within the first years will cost nothing to fix.

And when you buy a Brabus Mercedes, you get both of their warranties. The usual Mercedes warranty lasts for four years or 50,000 miles: it depends which you reach first. Brabus warranty lasts for three years / 62,000 miles. It applies to all elements installed by Brabus. So, if something happens to a tuned part, you can go to Brabus to get it fixed. If something happens to other parts, you can apply to Mercedes.

Still, you have to be careful. For example, if you perform unauthorized tuning on some part, that could void the warranty. Also, Brabus often tunes the engine. Tuning the engine could affect some other parts, such as the entertainment system. Since Brabus did not touch it, their warranty does not apply. You can apply to Mercedes. But they can say that it was affected by tuning, so their warranty does not apply. Learn more about these subtleties here

How much to maintain a new Brabus

It depends. Usually, such cars as Mercedes are very expensive to maintain. In this list, Mercedes-Benz featured as the second most expensive car to keep in the US, after BMW. The car components are produced by the world’s top engineers. Also, you have to order them from the dealer. That is twice as expensive as buying parts at a regular auto shop. Exotics always cost more to repair – and Brabus could easily be the epitome of exotic. Moreover, powerful cars tend to burn through their components much faster.

Usually, there is little trouble in the first years of car ownership. The new components are not likely to malfunction, and most companies offer warranty and free repairs in the first three years. After the warranty period, repair costs grow with every year, though. If we compare a 5-year model with a 10-year model, the costs to repair a 10-year old car double.

There are two main types of services for Mercedes cars: service A is after the first 10,000 miles or one year, and service B is after 20,000 miles or two years. After 30,000 miles or three years, it is service A again. Service A includes things like oil changes, filter changes, and fluid corrections. Service B includes all that and extra items, like brake fluid change. According to Motor1, costs for Service A are from $250. Service B costs range from $595 to $933, and tire rotation can cost up to $100. 

There is a great tool to count the cost of your car’s maintenance over five years: Edmunds True Cost to Own. It assumes that people drive 15,000 miles per year, that you are using traditional financing with a loan term of 60 months, and that the down payment was 10%. It includes insurance, taxes, fuel costs: everything that could ever apply to a car, and breaks it down, so you know how much each part costs. 

To give some examples, if you live in Portland, Oregon, and buy a 2021 AMG GT Sedan 63, its maintenance could cost about $8,500 over five years. It will be much higher in the fifth year than in the first years too. If you live in Los Angeles, add another thousand because of taxes. For Brabus-tuned vehicles, add another thousand or so. And the longer you operate the car, the higher its price will grow.

If you own a Brabus, you might need to fly over the technicians from Europe to check it. Some people with exotic cars even faced a situation when they had to fly the vehicle itself! Bringing the technicians could cost more than $20,000. And shipping an SUV across the ocean could cost $40,000! 

Hopefully, you now know a bit more about what to expect when you buy a new Brabus. Perhaps you have some experience with owning a Brabus? Share your story in the comments!

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