Limo types: sedan, stretch limo

Different Limo Types: A Limousine for Each and Every Occasion

Is a special occasion coming up? Or maybe you yearn for a bit of luxury. Why don’t you rent a limousine? Limo services are great for numerous reasons, from going to your wedding to meeting a client in the airport. But do you know which limousine to rent? There are different limo types, each one with its unique features. Read on to learn more.

Regular and stretch limousines

While most people imagine limousines as very long cars, they are not necessarily so long. A limousine is not one type of car like a yacht is not one type of boat. Rather, it describes luxury cars, usually driven by chauffeurs and have a glass partition separating them from the passengers. They are also very comfortable, having leather seats, bottled water, and possibly more. 

So, limousines can be regular-sized. People use them for many purposes, such as picking up clients, traveling to meetings in style, or even going on dates! Such limos might fit only up to 4 people. They are also cheaper, of course. One of the most popular and most affordable limo models is the sedan: they are great for picking up an important client and arriving somewhere stylishly. A larger SUV limousine is perfect for a family vacation: it usually has a minibar and multimedia, providing entertainment. There is also a Lincoln limousine, longer than your average car, but not yet a stretch limo. Lincoln limos are luxurious with many amenities and comforts, stylish, and safe.

Stretch limousines. Their image usually comes to people’s minds when someone says ‘limousine’ They are extended versions of regular limousines. Usually, a stretch limousine is about 30 feet long, referred to as a standard stretch limo. A classic stretch limo is a stretched sedan, but there can also be stretch SUV limousines. There are also super stretch limos. The longest limousine in the world is 100 feet long limo and has a pool and landing for a helicopter.

Now, what about some more limo types?

Classifying limos to just regular ones and stretch limousines is very broad. There are various limo designs which include:

Eco-friendly limos. The larger the vehicle, the larger the emissions. What if you want some luxury but also help the earth? You can choose eco-friendly limos, which have partially electric engines. 

Convertible limos. Such limos look even more stylish than the other ones. Provided the weather is good! Of course, you can always put the top back if you get tired of wind blowing by or people turning heads and looking at you.

Hummer limos. Besides the classic sleek limos, hummer limousines are one of the most popular. They are larger, fit more people inside, and have a unique feeling. They are popular among men, especially for such occasions as the bachelor’s party. 

Vintage limos. Do you like old-school designs? Then vintage limo might be the right limousine for you. There can be both regular-sized and stretch vintage limos. They are great for various occasions, from parties to weddings.

Party limos or party buses. This unique vehicle may look like a bus from the outside, but it is definitely a limo on the inside! They can have everything you might want for a party: comfy sofas, minibars, smoke machines, disco floors, and more! 

To conclude, there are many limo types, and each one has different features. Renting a limo is great for many occasions: learn about them!

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