Electric scooters are popular for commuting because they are easy to carry

5 Main Reasons why Electric Scooters are So Popular Now

If you live in the city, you must have already seen hundreds of scooters riding past. Some people buy their own. Many just rent them. Have you ever thought why scooters are so popular? We are here to answer this question today. So here are five reasons why scooters are so popular.

Electric scooters are green, and green is popular

No one should doubt climate change anymore: it is real, it is at least partly our fault, and we should do something about it. It is what authoritative institutions, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, say. One way of reducing climate change is by producing less CO2. And this is what electric vehicles do: they emit less CO2. Of course, walking on foot and riding bikes might still be more ecological but using an electric scooter is much greener than using a car. Still, it is not the only reason why people choose electric scooters.

Scooters are popular for commuting

Often, this is one of the main reasons why people choose electric scooters: to commute. It is not only more ecological to ride scooters instead of using cars, but also more economical. You do not need to pay for gas and parking fees are very seldom. You may also only use them for the so-called “first and last mile”. For example, you might take the bus to your work, but you have to walk for 20 minutes to get to the bus stop. Or there might be 15 minutes left to reach your workplace after you get off the bus. Most people cover such distances on foot, and that’s great! However, if you want to travel quicker and tire out less, you can consider e-scooters. They are great for commuters because scooters are:

Easy to ride and carry

Scooters do not weigh much: foldable scooters are usually between 10 and 15 kilos. And foldable scooters are the best for commuting in the city. While other scooter types might be faster and sturdier, foldable scooters make up for it with their convenience. They are much easier to bring into buildings or carry onto public transport, than, say, bikes or other scooters.

Scooters are also easy to ride. Unlike with bikes, you do not have to pedal: you kick start your scooter and then ride with the help of an electric motor. It means you do not arrive at your destination tired and sweaty. Scooters are also easy to navigate and do not require any special licenses. Of course, there are some regulations. For example, you usually cannot ride electric scooters on sidewalks. Learn about scooter laws in California and Hawaii.

Scooter maintenance is easy

Scooters are also easy to maintain, unlike cars or motorcycles! Still, it is a bit more expensive than bike maintenance, mainly because of such components as the battery. You should also regularly check if tires and brakes are functioning well. You can check air-filled tires with a bike pump. But this is usually very easy.

Of course, you have to charge your electric scooter regularly. Electric scooter charge usually lasts for about 18 miles or an average of 2 hours. It might be the biggest worry. It does not take much electricity: low capacity scooter can cost as little as 2 cents to charge in the US. Of course, the higher the capacity, the more it will cost. Scooters of very high capacity could cost up to 45 cents to charge. Time is more of a nuisance, though: to charge, scooters can take anywhere from one to twenty-five hours. Usually, consumer scooters take between 3 and 8 hours. Five hours is the average. Check out this handy calculator to figure out how long it would take for a scooter to charge.

Scootering is fun!

Last but not least, electric scooters are fun. They don’t require effort to ride. You ride in the fresh air and avoid traffic jams. And you look cool! Electric scooters even infiltrated youth culture: they seem to be pushing out skateboards.

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