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Thinking About Renting Bikes in Hawaii? What to Know

Are you planning a vacation in Hawaii? Why don’t you rent a bike? Biking is a relatively fast way to get around, a cheap one, and you can see many breathtaking sites. Read on to learn about renting bikes in Hawaii.

Advantages of renting bikes in Hawaii

Hawaii is a super popular vacation spot and is known for its beauty. There are so many beautiful beaches to relax at, a crystal clear ocean to try water activities, national parks with volcanoes to awe at, memorials such as Pearl Harbor to visit, and more. And exploring it by bike is one of the best options. Bikes allow you to take in the scenic views in Hawaii just perfectly. After all, when you are in the car, you can’t stop just anywhere or feel the fresh air. And walking is pretty slow. Bikes are also cheaper and much more ecological than cars.

The disadvantages are that biking requires energy. You also get very sweaty since Hawaii is hot. If you are not the most sportive person, cycling might tire you out too much. It will also take a considerably long time to get to farther locations. In this case, consider rental cars.

Bike rental options

In Honolulu, there is also a bike share system called Biki, which is quite affordable and can help you get around the city. However, that means that you have to leave the bikes at Biki stations. Because of this, the places you can get to are limited. Some people also pointed out that it can be hard finding stations even with the app. A monthly membership of unlimited 30-minute rides is $15 a month and $25 for unlimited 60-minute rides. One 30-minute ride is $4.

But if you want to explore more than just Honolulu, Biki bikes are not an option. There are many other bike rental services, which allow renting the bikes for more days. Expect to pay at least $20 a day when renting bikes for more than two days. Learn what to consider when renting a bike.

Trails and tours

There are so many stunning sites to explore by bikes in Hawaii that describing them all would require a separate article or two. We are only going to mention a few and other options, such as organized tours.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in the Big Island is one of the best places to explore by bike. Some of the more popular trails include a moderately easy 11-mile long loop around the rim, an 18-mile round trip on the Hilina Pali Road. Are you looking for a challenge? There is a 40-mile long round trip following the Maunu Ulu eruption or a 27-mile round trip up and down the Mauna Loa Road. You will have to work your legs, but it sure will feel rewarding afterward!

There are many other stunning trails in Hawaii. Every island has something to offer cyclists. Maui island is beautiful, but there are fewer good roads for cycling. Still, check out the Skyline Trail in Maui below. In Oahu, where the capital Honolulu is, you can find both nature and city trails. Kauai, Hilo, Molokai, and Lanai also have many attractions: google it! Be aware that you need mountain bikes for some routes. Learn about different bike types.

If you want to travel by bike without worrying about rent or trails, consider organized bike tours. They usually cost around $100 per person, including the bike, of course. There are also multiday tours that include lodgings and dinners. Of course, the price is also higher. But if you don’t like planning, tours might be just perfect for you.

To sum up, there are many bike rental options and many places to visit by bikes in Hawaii. You can use Biki share in Honolulu and other rental services if you want to travel further. If you wish to worry and plan less, you can also book bike tours, which can include everything from bikes to lodgings.

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