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The Process of Renting a Private Jet: Why, How to and Tips

Are you interested in the process of renting a private jet? It may seem daunting for those who have never done it. Whether you seriously plan to rent a private jet or are just interested in the process, read on to learn more. We will talk about the advantages of private jets and various ways to rent a private jet.

Why do people rent private jets?

There is more than one reason why people dream about purchasing or renting a private jet. Many people want or need to travel a lot, and the most common way of traveling today is by plane. Of course, most fly with a commercial plane. While they’re affordable, they have many disadvantages. You have to arrive way too early, pass all those lines and crowds, and sit with a bunch of other people. It’s also not as safe. Private jets are more appealing because of:

Saving time. Time is one of the main reasons why people prefer private jets to commercial planes. First, you don’t have to spend a heap of time in lines and getting through security: it takes about 15 minutes to board a private jet. Secondly, commercial airlines only use 500 airports in the US, while private jets can access 5,000. It means that you can access much more places by private jet and get to them quicker.

Safety. Being safe is especially important during the current COVID-19 situation. There are way fewer people and touchpoints when you board a private jet. The boarding place is not in the same airport where people board commercial planes. So, the risk of catching something is much lower.

Comfort. Of course, this is not the only reason people choose private jets but an important one nonetheless. Flying by private jet is a luxurious experience. There are no limits on bringing liquids and pets onboard. You have comfortable chairs, leg space, lavatories, showers, cocktail bars, and private suites in large jets. 

Productivity. According to a survey by National Business Aviation Association, work productivity in private jets was very high. So, you can not only travel comfortably but also get work done. 

Is renting a private jet with an operator better than with a broker?

There is more than one way you can rent a private jet. The first thing to choose is whether you want to rent from a broker company or the jet operators themselves. Private jet operators are the companies that own the planes and fly the clients. Broker companies, on the other hand, organize everything for you. They analyze various offers by different companies and choose the best ones for you. They also include all the fees and taxes, so you do not have to calculate them separately. 

Booking from the operators is often cheaper. However, you are limited to choose from the planes that they have. You can also only get the price quote from them. Also, you can only access planes from a particular city, or you have to pay more for the private jet to get to your city. Of course, you can contact several, but it can become difficult not to get confused. Sometimes, it might be just as cheap to book through a broker company because they get a discount when booking. A good broker also prepares a backup plan, so that you do not lose your money if something goes wrong with the booked plane.

The process of chartering a plane is similar to booking a commercial flight. You go on the website of the jet operator or broker. Then, you choose the type of private jet, choose a date. If you want to learn more about how much it costs to rent a private plane and the types of jets, we overviewed it in more detail here.

Other ways to travel on a private jet

Jet membership cards. If you are planning to fly private regularly, you may want to consider acquiring a jet card. You pay a substantial amount upfront and then use it for your flights. Some companies also offer capped fixed rates which means that you might pay less than you would when booking a flight without a card. Companies also guarantee availability for the card owners: you will get your flight when you want it. For example, offers to choose the jet type and then the number of hours, such as 25: you then use those hours up when you fly with the jet.

You can also book a seat on the private jet instead of chartering it whole. This way is not as fancy as you share the plane with strangers, but there will only be a few of them. And you will have all the comforts, such as plenty of leg space, comfortable seats, etc. The ticket might not cost more than a first-class ticket on the commercial planes, but the journey will be way more comfortable.

It is also possible to get seats on a shared charter when someone charters a private jet and sells empty seats. While it’s more expensive than booking by the seat, shared charter costs less than chartering the whole plane. But you have to share it with strangers, of course.

Finally, you might be able to catch an empty leg flight, which is when the plane flies empty to pick up some client in another city. Such flights are often with a discount from 50 to 75%. But it is not as easy to learn about such flights. They are also very short-notice and limiting, as you have to go from a specific city to another city. And everything depends on the original client’s needs, so you may be in a bit of a pinch if they suddenly cancel.

Final things to remember before a private flight

You do not have to arrive hours before your flight, of course. Fifteen minutes should be enough. If you chartered the private jet and are running late, be sure to inform the provider.

Have a driver’s license as ID. If you are traveling internationally, also have a passport, or a visa, if you must.

Otherwise, there are definitely fewer worries compared to flying commercially. You can bring as much luggage as you want. Unless you are traveling with many other people: the luggage may cramp the plane then. There are also no assigned seats but let the host choose first.

We hope you enjoyed this article about renting a private jet. Perhaps you are also interested in yachts? Check out our article on how to rent a yacht affordably.

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