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5 Interesting Facts About Brabus Brand and Brabus Cars

If you came here, you probably already know what Brabus is. It’s one of the world’s largest tuners, specializing in aftermarket tuning of Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Smart, and Tesla. And there are many interesting things about Brabus and Brabus cars. Read on to learn!

1. Brabus was founded because its owner wanted more from his Mercedes

The founder of Brabus is Bodo Buschmann. He was born into quite an affluent family: his father had a Mercedes car dealership. Bodo was driving a Porche 911 at the age of 22. The problem was that he would park his Porche right outside the dealership. He was told to get a Mercedes. Bodo got an S-Class, considered to be one of the best. But it still wasn’t powerful enough for him. He couldn’t find a mechanic to upgrade his car, so he did it himself. The vehicle retained all its luxury but now also had the performance of a sports car.

Soon, people began noticing his vehicle, and some became interested. Bodo decided to start his own company. However, in Germany of that time, you had to have two founders, so he asked his classman Klaus Brackman for help: they combined the first letters of their surnames and named it Brabus. And the rest, as they say, is history.

2. Brabus is always breaking records with its cars

They first made it to the Guinness book of records in 1986: Brabus reduced the drag coefficient (CX) more than anyone ever did. The lucky car was Sedan W124. The hinged spoilers of Brabus managed to reduce its CX to 0.26, which was very impressive at the time and has never been done before. It was one of their first records but not the last.

They can also boast of having some of the fastest cars in the world. First, in 2011, they introduced the world’s fastest sedan, which could reach a speed of 230 mph although it was electronically limited to 217 mph. In 2021, they released 900 Rocket Edition, based on AMG GLE 63S Coupe, which they claim is the world‘s fastest street-legal SUV. It has a top speed of 205 mph and can reach 62mph in 3.2 seconds. Brabus has repeatedly broken their own records: learn more in the video below.

3. There is no Brabus logo on the steering wheel

Brabus puts its logo in many places after it transforms the Mercedes-Benz car. However, one place they avoid is the steering wheel: you can find a Mercedes-Benz logo there. It is mainly because of regulations and safety reasons. International standards recommend not touching the wheel because it could compromise safety a lot. Also, Brabus does not have the technology to produce airbags. And Brabus cares about safety a lot. Even when they tune for clients, they refuse a request if they believe it could become unsafe. They also always give a three years warranty on every part they tune.

But, if you really want to have a Brabus logo everywhere, it’s possible to cover the Mercedes-Benz logo on the steering wheel with a Brabus sticker!

4. Brabus is eco-friendly

It does not sound like Brabus would be very eco-friendly, right? After all, Brabus is a lot about enhancing power, and powerful cars are often not very ecological. But Brabus is greener than it seems. In their engines, they include lower power consumption. And the lower the fuel consumption, the greener the vehicle. Actually, Brabus made the very first tuned car that met strict EURO VI Emission Standard.

5. Brabus has a marine brand, a classic cars line, and a fashion line

Most of you probably know Brabus as a Mercedes tuner. But did you know that Brabus also has a marine brand? When Brabus met Axopar, a Finnish boat manufacturer, their goals and ideas aligned. And so, the Brabus Marine brand was born in 2017. They transform and redefine some of the already great Axopar boats into Brabus Shadow super boats.

Brabus also restores classic Mercedes cars. At the end of the restoration, you get a historically authentic car of perfect quality. Each part is inspected and recondition if good or replaced by new, genuine Mercedes parts if damaged or worn. The paint is chemically removed, the car undergoes rust protection treatment, and then carefully painted anew.

Finally, they also have their fashion line. The clothes are also high-quality, just like cars and boats, with great material. They offer sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, track pants, T-shirts, and even bomber jackets with their logos and cars.

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