It's very fun to rent a boat!

How to Rent a Boat: 6 Tips for Your First Boat Rental

The boating lifestyle is as popular as ever. And there are so many beautiful places to explore by boat, such as Florida, California, the Mediterranean, etc. But owning a boat is both costly and quite a hassle. Renting one is very easy in comparison. Still, if you are planning to rent for the first time, it can seem a bit scary. Read what to consider when you want to rent a boat to feel braver!

Rent the right boat

Before you go and book the boat, take some time to decide what kind of boat fits you best. Do you want a slow, calm cruise or a speedy, fun trip? Perhaps you are planning to fish or enjoy water sports? Make sure that the boat you plan to rent lets you enjoy what you have in mind. Also, do not rent a sailboat if you don’t know how to sail or a super-powerful motorboat if your boating skills are rusty.

Think about the number of people too. Certain boats can only fit a certain number of people: do not forget this. Also, if you want to save a bit of money, remember that the prices are higher on the weekends. Renting for a lengthier period is also more cost-effective than renting short-term.

Plan in advance

Planning in advance is always good: it is even more essential if you plan to rent a boat in a popular location. The earlier you book, the better price you can get.

Also, get to the boat early. We recommend being there at least 30 minutes before. Usually, you have to file paperwork, which takes time. Remember to read the agreement attentively so that you do not miss anything. Also, you can talk with the owners, get some information and tips, which can really come in helpful.

Make sure the boat you rent is in good condition

The last thing you want is to become stranded on the water because of some malfunction. So before you go out to the water, make sure that everything works well! If you notice some issue, bring it up with the owner or the rental company.

Check the outside appearance too. We also recommend taking pictures. People recommend taking photos when you rent a car, so you do not get blamed for doing something you did not do later. The situation is similar with boats: better to take a picture before taking off, just in case.

Pack what you need

It is essential to be prepared well for your boating trip. Since you will probably book your boat early, weather conditions might not be perfect when the day comes. So make sure you dress appropriately. Have an extra set of clothes, in case yours get wet. Remember to pack water and some snacks. If you are planning a longer trip, you might also need more clothes and toiletries.

Also, have sunscreen, especially if the weather is sunny. Sun rays are more powerful when they reflect from the water. A cap and sunglasses may also come in very handy!

However, do not overdo it and travel lightly. Packing too much will burden your trip and can spoil your boating experience.

Know how to boat

It may seem obvious but make sure you know how to control the boat you will rent or have someone that knows. Learn and follow the boating rules in the region you plan to take your boating vacation. Different states have different age and safety requirements. For example, you can take a boating course before the trip: they are usually short but highly beneficial. The important thing is to keep safe at all costs.

If no person in your group knows how to boat well, hire a captain. Usually, captains come together with larger boats, especially yachts. But you could find and hire independent operators to control the boat you rent.

Be prepared in case of an accident

Hopefully, you will not face this. Still, be prepared. For example, have the contact number of a marina. Let someone know your boating plans. That way, they can contact someone to help you if you are running late because something could have happened to you.

Also, have insurance. For example, you could check with your insurance agent if you could extend your policy temporarily to cover boat rentals. You can also purchase temporary coverage.

Perhaps you own a boat yourself? Learn how to rent it out!

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