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How Much Can You Earn When You Rent out a BRABUS Boat? $1,000, Maybe $5,000 a Day? Learn Now

One of the interesting facts about BRABUS, a mad after-market tuning company that focuses on Mercedes cars, is that they have a marine division. They teamed up with an award-winning Finnish boat builder Axopar to produce a line of luxury boats. How much could you earn if you rented out a BRABUS boat? Read on to learn.

About BRABUS Marine

BRABUS is an after-market car tuner that takes powerful cars, usually Mercedes AMGs, and makes them even more powerful. You can read more about AMG vs. BRABUS here. Axopar is a Finnish boat builder that produces a range of exclusive motorboats. They have caught the public’s eye ever since their premiere at the Helsinki boat show and have not disappointed ever since. 

According to BRABUS themselves “BRABUS Marine is devoted to redefine luxury day boating through building and developing ultra-exclusive, supremely exciting boats; the result of two companies united in the extreme“. BRABUS and Axopar came together in 2017. They shared the same passion, values, and goals. BRABUS Marine aims to become one of the top 10 luxury boat brands. Their boats have both astounding, instantly recognizable designs, as well as outstanding performance, and amazing drivability. 

How much do BRABUS boats cost?

In order to learn how much you can rent with a BRABUS boat, we should also consider how much it costs to buy one. Let’s look at some prices on the market. A 2019 BRABUS Shadow 800 Black Ops cost $453,126 in Spain. A newer and more powerful version, 2021 BRABUS Shadow 900 Black Ops, costs $799,000 in North America. Finally, a 2022 BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Cabin costs $659,787 in Fort Lauderdale. 

In short, you need quite an amount of money to get a BRABUS boat. But you can rest assured of its quality and performance. And you can make some money by renting the boats out! 

How much can you earn when you rent out a BRABUS boat?

To imagine how much you could earn with your BRABUS boat, we should look at existing rental offers. Of course, the better and newer the boat, the higher the rental price. 

For example, to rent a 2019 Axopar Sun Top BRABUS edition of 37 ft in Mallorca, you need $1,700 for one day. For three days you will pay $3,339 if you return the boat in the morning. If not, it will cost $5,000. After all, it will be like an extra day. You will also pay a very similar amount for the same model in Ibiza.

Let’s look at a better model: 2021 BRABUS Shadow 500 Black Ops Limited Edition. Only 28 such models were produced. You have to pay $3,025 to get it for half a day and $6,000 for the whole day. While the price is high, we believe it‘s adequate for the exclusivity you get.

So now you can imagine how much you can earn with BRABUS boats. The better the boat, the more you will earn. But $1,000 a day is guaranteed. With a boat like BRABUS Black Ops, you can easily make $5,000 a day.

Of course, you have to remember that there are many costs involved in the boat rental business. Count in at least 1.5% of the boat’s value for its yearly maintenance costs. You can end up paying 15-20% of its value for maintenance during the ownership period. 

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