AMG vs. BRABUS: What’s the Difference? Brands, Model Comparison, and More

If you are a Mercedes fan, you probably already heard about AMG and Brabus. They are both famous for a reason. Both release supercars that many people can only dream about. What is the difference between these two brands and their models? Read on to learn.


AMG is a subsidiary of Mercedes. It was not always like this: AMG, founded in 1967, used to be an independent engineering company that specialized in the performance improvement of Mercedes cars. It started in a Mercedes race team that was shut down: but two engineers continued working on their race car in secret. They later left Mercedes and started AMG.

AMG became famous after building its first sports car: the Red Pig. This vehicle was an improved Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3, with increased displacement, horsepower, and torque. In 1971, The Red Pig won second place in Spa 24 Hours, an endurance racing event in Spain. After that, they got many clients, asking AMG to tune their Mercedes. Read more about the Red Pig here.

AMG developed some super cool cars, like AMG Hammer. Mercedes made a partnership with them and started selling AMGs too. In the 90s, AMG developed a car jointly with Mercedes: C36 AMG. In 1999, Daimler took controlling interest: it meant they could only tune Mercedes models. Finally, in 2005, Daimler became the sole owner of AMG.

So now AMG is the performance division of Mercedes-Benz. They tune Mercedes vehicles for additional power and make them extra-sporty and stylish. AMG has all kinds of models, SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, roadsters, etc.


AMG vs BRABUS in short

Unlike AMG now, Brabus is an independent aftermarket tuning company. Mercedes now develops and releases their cars together with AMG, which Brabus might then buy, tune and sell again. So they can take AMGs, which are already tuned and tweaked, then tune and tweak them even more. Brabus also specializes in Mercedes cars, including Smart and Maybach, although they also tuned a few Teslas.

Brabus was founded a bit later than AMG: in 1977. Its founder Bodo Buschmann wanted more from its Mercedes, so he tuned it himself. Brabus has remained independent and broke more than one record, including records for the world‘s fastest street-legal sedan and SUV. Read more interesting facts about Brabus here.

Comparison of AMG and Brabus cars

Let’s take AMG A 45 S Wagon and 2021 Brabus B45, based on it. The AMG car produces 421 horsepower, which is already amazing. But Brabus B45 produces 450 hp. The peak torque of AMG is also increased by 37 lb-ft. As Slash-Gear says, „that‘s V8 levels of power and torque from an engine with half the displacement“. Brabus B45 can reach 62 mph from a standstill in 3.7 seconds.

Brabus also improved the looks of the AMG A45 S Wagon. The tuned car has special Brabus Monoblock Z 20-inch wheels. Also, special springs that that lower the vehicle by 1.2 inches were added. Brabus also replaced the tires with stickier ones. Still, the car looks mostly the same.

We could also look at Mercedes G63 AMG and Brabus GV12 900, based on this Mercedes model. Regarding the exterior, Brabus increased the diameters of the wheel, made the exhaust system all-stainless, and developed an intake module with a hood scoop on the front bonnet for better air supply. They fitted the interior with customized leather seats and aluminum accessories. Of course, they also tuned the already high-performing vehicle. They upgraded it to 6.3 liters, increased peak torque from 627 lb-ft to 1,109 lb-ft, and horsepower from 577 to 900. Finally, there is the price difference: while G63 AMG was priced a considerable $147,500, Brabus GV12 900 costs a whopping $875,500. Read more here.

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